Clocks and Gifts - High Quality Products Made in Germany

The Clock-Shop is family owned since 25 years. We have a large collection of Clocks, Gifts and Beersteins.

All our Products are 100% made

in Germany. We are proud to say that, we only carry high quality german Products.

Check out our large an multifaceted selection of German Clocks, Gifts and Steins.

All of the clocks shown are made in the Black Forest. To our customers that come to our store we always say that one needs to see a clock in naturall  because wood is alive. This is very true, we only have a small selection on our website. The clocks  will always look different on a picture, please be aware of this.


We offer a 3 years warranty,  all clocks  have a night shut-off, nickel-plated chime spring (long life).

And are VdS certified.

Here a video on how are clocks are made,

on you tube







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